Seydisehir, located on the Ankara-Konya-Antalya highway, is a common road. At the same time, sea tourism is one of the most important coastal areas of our country in Antalya-Manavgat for 1 hour. The most notable places in Seydisehir, which is not a city with touristic features; It is the Tınaztepe Cave. Apart from this, the thermal features of Ilica, Pinarbasi and Kugulu water resources, Sakaltutan Cave, Seyyid Harun Mosque and Susuz Güvercinlik Cave is located in the district spots such as. In terms of economic activities, Eti A.Ş. Where the aluminum plant is active and where this is, there are agricultural activities for the production of cereals and chickpeas.

Seydişehir Introduction Film

Information on Seydişehir

Seydişehir – Tınaztepe Cave

Tınaztepe Cave, which is 26 kilometers away from Seydişehir town center, is the most touristic place of the district. The cave has a total length of 22 kilometers, and 1.5 kilometers of it is suitable for sightseeing. This cave was discovered in 1968 by the French scientist Michel Bakalowichz. Medical research in the cave revealed that the cave offers a natural treatment for asthma patients.According to the surveys, the difference in floor-ceiling height at the Tınaztepe Cave, which took place over a long period of 230 million years, reaches up to 65 meters at some points.

Seydişehir Ilıcası (Hot Spring)

One of the places to visit in Seydişehir is Seydişehir Hot Spring, which is 1 km north of the district. The history of this hot spring water boiling at different points on a high hillside is estimated to date back to prehistoric times. The temperature of the hot water is 32 ° C. Water of the region; hydrocarbonate, calcium and bromide. It is stated that hot spring water is good for skin diseases, gynecological diseases and bone treatment. There are 1 outdoor and 3 indoor pools in the region.

Seydisehir Kugulu Park

People of Seydisehir go to Kuğulu Park, which is one of the most peaceful places of the district especially on weekends. Kuğulu Park is a promenade; It is covered with greenery and there is an artificial pond. The property is located around the lake and offers food and beverage service. For breakfast, you can take advantage of the resort as well as the barbecue area.